Sessions Truth Jacket Royal Blue Sz L

Sessions Truth Jacket Royal Blue Sz L Sessions B003VGOPUQQOHYA | The Sessions Truth Jacket is one of those amazing lightweight jackets that manages to allow for a good degree of breathability while refraining from smothering the wearer in a ridiculous avalanche of fleece and down. The lightweight material conforms to the body in the perfect shape to retain the highest degree of insulation possible; this allows for the wearer to retain the ability to move freely and still feel the comforting warmth of a heavy jacket. Specially designed critically taped seams also aid in keeping in the essential warmth needed on the iciest of days up on the slopes.Key Features of the Sessions Truth Jacket: Waterproof: 10k/8k Warmth Rating: 4 Fit: True Insulation/Lining: Mesh/Taffeta Lined Fixed Hood Mesh Lined Pit Z… ( digging data … )

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